Fresh Fine Art, by artist Sarah Lauridsen FishArt
Brook Trout Triptych, approx 60" x 20" SOLD
Coho Salmon, 32" x 28" SOLD
Brown Trout, 36" 14.5" Acrylic on Mirror, framed with old bunk ladder SOLD
Tiger Trout, Acrylic on canvas, SOLD
Brook Trout, Acrylic on glass, old barn window, 28" X 13.5 SOLD
Dolly Varden Triptych, SOLD
Striped Bass, Acrylic on canvas, 51" x 28" SOLD
Striped Bass Triptych, Acrylich on canvas,  approx 50" x 28" SOLD
Westslope Cutthroat, SOLD
Demingcreek Redband, SOLD
Highland Cattle

If artwork is listed as 'FOR SALE' click on photo for additional image.
Brook Trout Triptych, 15" x 7"  SOLD
Rainbow Trout, 24" x 12" SOLD
Yellowstone Cutthroat 48" x 24"
 Commissioned piece, SOLD
Greenback Cutthroat, 24" x 12" SOLD
Provo Brown Trout- 48" x24"  SOLD
8"x10" Brook Trout Tail- SOLD
10"x8" Brook Trout Dorsal- SOLD
CA Golden Trout, 24" x 12" Commissioned Piece
Yellowstone Cutthroat, 24" x 12" Commissioned Piece
Rainbow Trout- 24" x 12" Commissioned piece
Commissioned Brook Trout for Cheeky Reels, 24" x 12"
Big Headed Brown Trout, 36" x 24" SOLD
Sunappee Trout Commision 24" x 12"- Spray paint
 metallic background, SOLD
Trout Skin- 3 separate canvases. From top- Brook trout, Rainbow Trout, Deming Creek Redband Trout.  SOLD
Brown Trout- Textured Speckle Green Background  FOR SALE 12" x 24"
Rainbow 36" x 24" SOLD
From left to right:  Rainbow- 12 X 9 SOLD.  
Cutty 10 x 8 SOLD. Brown 12 x 9 SOLD
Tarpon 48" x 24" SOLD
Tuna- 48" x 24", SOLD
Brook Trout on window- SOLD
Rising Brown- SOLD
NZ Brown- SOLD
Brown Trout on window- SOLD
36" x 18" Brown Trout in Water- FOR SALE
Coho Salmon Head- 9" x 12" SOLD
Rainbow Head- 10" x 8" SOLD
Cutthroat 30" x 15" FOR SALE
Striped Bass Dorsal fin- Commissioned piece- SOLD
Westslope Cutthroat, 24" x 12"- FOR SALE    
Brown Trout Cheek, 30" x 15"- FOR SALE
Brown Trout in Water- 36" x 24"- SOLD
Cutthroat Trout Cheek, 30" x 15"- SOLD
Rainbow Trout Cheek, 30" x 15"- SOLD    
Commissioned Striped Bass
Brown Trout Face on Old Barn Window- SOLD 54" x 28" Acrylic on Glass, poly treated wood on the frames for protection     
Commissioned Brown Trout 48" x 24
Proud to announce my artwork on the new tee from Patagonia!  Buy one here:
Salmon Cheek 30" x 15" FOR SALE    
Brook Trout Cheek 30" x 15" SOLD   
20" X 20" Rainbow Trout in Water, acrylic on canvas- Sold
Tarpon. 30" x 15" original on canvas. For Sale
Rainbow Trout in Water, 48" x 24" FOR SALE
28" x 24" Original painting, painted on the glass of this old barn window- Brook Trout.  For Sale.